četrtek, 03. april 2014

Everyday Minerals Base

Hello you lovely people! :)

Today's post is going to be about my favourite foundation that I discovered in highschool and have been using it ever since.

It's all natural, pure-mineral, loose powder foundation that comes in three different formulas, so anyone can find their perfect match. Jojoba, that comes in 14 shades and is suitable for normal to dry/thirsty skin. Semi- matte and matte formulas, both come in 19 different shades and are suitable for all skin types.

I use the semi-matte formula in shade Sunkissed fair (they now renamed it to Rosy Ivory) along with their Flat top brush, which you can see on the next picture. (btw, the brush is divine and so soft! *.*)

It's consistency is simply amazing. Soft and easily blendable, never streaky and it looks like a second layer of skin. It covers all of my imperfections and blemishes and I don't have to use any concealer with it.

The coverage is light-medium, but you can defenatley build it up to a medium-high coverage. The finish is very natural lookng and a bit glowy and the wear time is about average. It lasts on me for about 6 hours without blotting. It only needs a quick touch up with a setting powder (I use Rimmel's Stay Matte) and it looks pefect again.

Overall, this is hands down my favourite foundation ever. After using it for so long, I now really don't like wearing liquid base anymore, as I'm not a fan of beeing able to feel the foundation on my face. So if anyone knows a good liquid foundation that you can't really feel on your skin, please recommend it to me in the comments. :)

You can get it directly from their site here for 14 $ (they ship internationally) and Slovenian readers can get it from Licila.si for 14,95 €.

Have any of you tried it yet and if so, do you like it? :)

Love, T. 

4 komentarji:

  1. Tole podlago bi pa rada sprobala, čeprav se kar nekako nočem odtrgati od moje Lily Lolo mineralne podlage, ampak bi ju rada primerjala... :)

    Kako pa si našla pravi odtenek zase?

    1. Na ličila.si se dobijo testerji tega pudra, prau fino samo za sprobat podlago :). Mene pa sedaj mika tale Lily Lolo, ki je še nisem preizkusla.

      Glede odtenka sem imela ogromno srečo, ker sem po butastem (še v srednji šoli) kupila enak odtenek kot moja prijateljica, ki pa je navsezadnje super barve za mojo polt. Tako da žal kaj druga kot testerčke za začetek ne morem priporočat.

    2. Aha, super če se dobijo vzorčki, je potem že lažje kupit... :) Od Lily Lolo se tudi dobi vzorčke, če te zanimajo.


    3. Super, morem v kratkem sprobat :)