sobota, 27. december 2014

Bye Bye Slovenia, Hello Tomorrow!

Hi lovelies!

It's been more than two months since I wrote something, but there is a reason behind that...I moved to Dubai! :)

For as long as I can remember, I loved traveling and when I got the opportunity to move abroad and work as cabin crew for one of the best airlines, I didn't think twice.
I'm still settling in, getting through the hard training, but in less than a month I will start flying and all the hard work will pay off. I'll be traveling to countries that I've never seen before and experience different cultures and I can't even put into words how excited I am for what's to come and how blessed I feel right now.

First day of Induction week :)

Have a great day and happy Christmas holidays to everyone!

Love, T. 

petek, 10. oktober 2014

Battle Of The Dry Shampoos!

Hi you lovely people!

I'm back! :) I had a mahoosive break due to school and lots of arrangements for a new job, but I am back and ready to start blogging again.

I don't know how you girls are, but I'm touching my hair all the time and because of that my hair gets greasy pretty much on the same day that I've washed it, so dry shampoos are a must for me. I decided to tell you about 3 dry shampoos that I've tried so far and are making my life a bit easier when it comes to hair :).

Balea Trend It Up - Lovely Berries (Limited Edition) 

This dry shampoo smells amazing, literally, I want to eat it, that's how good it smells, but unfortunately when you spray it, it turns out very grey and since my hair is on the darker side, this one is not the best option for me. Don't get me wrong, it does the job, but I would only recommend it to girls with blond hair. It's also really affordable - less than 3 €, which is great in my books :).

Lee Stafford Dry Shampoo (Mid Brown)

This one is my favourite out of these three, but why the heck does it have to be so expensive? It costs aroud 10 €, but I think it's worth it. This is actually my 3rd bottle of it and that says a lot about how much I like it. I especially like it, because it comes out brown and not grey like a lot of other dry shampoos, so it blends with my hair colour nicely. I'm now trying the Dark version of it and I think I like it even more :). Girls, if you ever get tempted by this little guy, just buy it, you won't regret it.

Dove Refresh + Care Dry Shampoo

After reading a lot about this dry shampoo I finally found it when I was in Budapest and ofcourse I had to buy it, even though it was aroudn 6 € and I didn't really need a new dry shampoo. I have to admit that I kinda have a love/hate relationship with this one. I like the way it looks on my hair, but it has a really strong smell and I've actually gotten a headache because of it quite a few times. I will try to finish this bottle, but I don't think I'll be buying this one again.

I would love to know which dry shampoos you like, so please share your picks with me :).

Have a lovely day!

Love, T. 

sreda, 02. julij 2014

June Favourites ♡

Hi you lovely people!

It's the end of the month, which means...monthly favorites time :).

First of all, I've been loving Essie nail polish in Spin The Bottle. I know it's summer and it's time to wear bright colours on your nails, but I just couldn't resist this nail polish and I've been wearing it pretty much for the whole month. Girls, if you're looking for a good nude nail polish, I would defenitelly recommend this one to you :).

I've read about Neutrogena Visibly Clear 2-in-1 wash/mask on Živa's blog Nothin' Fancy. Really and since my skin has been freaking out for more than a month now, I decided to try it out and I really like it. I use it as a wash after I take my makup off and also as a mask 1-2 times per week. It is really good and my skin seems to be calming down slowly, so this product gets thumbs up from me! :)

And the last one for this month is a mascara, Maxfactor 2000 Calorie to be exact. I used to use this one in heigh school and rediscoveried it when I saw it on sale in Müller for around 5 €. Of course I bought it and feel in love with it all over again. It's not really a lengthening mascara, but it gives my eyelashes some volume and they just look great :).

Lovelies, I need some help with finding a product that would improve the texture of my skin (I have a lot of little bumps on my forhead and chin, but they are not really pimples), so please let me know your suggestions. Also tell me which products you've been loving in June :).

Love, T. 

sreda, 25. junij 2014

The Beauty Scenario TAG! :)

Hi lovelies!

I feel a little bit rambly today and don't want to write a review tipe post, so I decided to mix it up and do The Beauty Scenario TAG. I wasn't tagged by anyone, but was just watching Essie Button's videos on YouTube and this tag seemed like a lot of fun :). So let's do this!

1. You have to get rid of all your foundations and you can only pick one high end and one drugstore, which do you keep?
Since I don't own any high end foundation yet, I would definitelly keep my Everyday Minerals Base. This stuff is amazeballs! :)

2. You go for an interview and the lady interviewing you has lipstick on her teeth. Do you approach the subject or ignor it completely?
I would probably ignor it, because let's be honest, it would get pretty awkward if I told her she had lipstick on her teeth. But then again, if I had lipstick on my teeth, I would want someone to tell me. Oh snap, I'm not sure what would be the right thing to do!

3. You're not feeling yourself and need a pick me up. Which lipstick do you put on to make yourself feel beautiful?
Girls, before lipstick, I would need some chocolate. That always makes me feel better ^.^, but then I would put on a bright red lipstick, probably Giordani Gold in Scandalous.

4. You go back in time for a day to your teenage years, how would you do your hair and makeup differently? 
Oh gosh, I would grow out my side bangs, but I can't do this in one day, so I would stay away from the flat iron (I wore my hair so straight when I was a teenager). And why the heck did I cut my side bangs again and again?! When it comes to makeup, I wouldn't use as much black eye pencil, because I used way too much of it.

5. You ask your hairdresser for a shoulder lenght Pixie Lott hair cut, but they hear wrong and give you a pixi cut. Do you, a) smile, say thank you, leave and call your mum histerical; b) cry in the chair and things get awkward or c) complain to the manager and demand a refund.
I am not really emotionally attached to my hair, so if the pixi cut looked good on me, then I would only complain to the manager, but if I tought that I looked horrible, then I would probably do b and a :). Haha, things would get extremly awkward right then and there.

6. Your friend surprises you with a 4 day city break and you have 1 hour to pack. Which "do it all" palette do you pack in your makeup bag?
Urban Decay Naked 2. I think it is the perfect palette for an everyday or night makeup look.

7. Your house has been robbed, don't worry everyone is safe, but your beauty stash has been raided. What's the product you really hope is safe?
My Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Boy! I love this lipstick, please live it alone!

8. Your friend borrows your makeup and returns it in awful condition. Do you a) just pretend you haven't noticed; b) ask them to repurchase it or c) secretly do the same to something of theirs?
I hate awkward situations, so if it's a really good friend that I know won't be offended, then I would ask her to repurchase it, otherwise I would just pretend I haven't noticed.

That's it! I would like to tag Živa from Nothin' Fancy. Really, Anja from Pretty Purple, Jana from Small Bits Of Loveliness, Ana from With Love, Ana and all bloggers who read my blog and would like to do this TAG.

So, what do you think of this kind of post? Like it, don't like it? Let me know!

Love, T. 

nedelja, 22. junij 2014

My Signature Scent: DKNY Pure

Hi you lovely people!

It's Sunday and that means it's time for a new post :). In this one, I'm going to talk about my all time favourite perfume - DKNY Pure. I just can't get enough of this perfume and I've been wearing it like crazy for the past two years.

On Fragrance Direct - 34,50 £

It is described as a scent that adds a drop of vanilla to a world that needs a moment of calm and funnily enough, it does actually make me feel very calm and happy :). The fragrance's top note is a pure scent of vanilla enhanced with dewdrop petal, lotus flower, Bulgarian rose, jasmine, freesia, lush orchid, white amber and creamy sandalwood. If you're like me and all of this sounds like Chinese to you, then I can just tell you that this perfume smells AMAZING, sweet, but not to sweet, fresh and clean. It makes me feel like I've just got out of a nice, warm bath :), so I really suggest you to give it a smell, if you have that chance.

Unfortunatelly, I'm almost out of it and searching for a new perfume and any suggestion would be much appreciated. And ofcourse let me know what's your signature or favourite scent :).

Talk to you soon!

Love, T. 

sreda, 18. junij 2014

Essence - Candy Love

Hi lovelies! :)

I saw this nail polish on my friends' nails and I couldn't stop staring at it, so ofcourse I bought it as well :).

Essence lake lahko kupite v večini drogerij (Dm, Müller, Tuš), cena: 1,69 €.

It's this beautiful pastel melon color with small shimmer, which I surprisingly don't mind at all. This color is actually a lot more vibrant in person and looks amazing with a tan, but I'm just not sure if I like it on my skin tone right now.

What do you think? Let's chat in the comments below :).

Love, T. 

ponedeljek, 16. junij 2014

Yummy For Your Tummy: Banana Oatmeal ♡

Hi you lovely people!

Today I'm going to share with you my go to breakfast, which is delicious, healthy, easy to make and as a bonus - it's gluten and lactose free.

You will need: 
- 45 g (1/2 cup) of gluten free oats
- 150 ml of milk (lactose free, soy, almond or rice milk)
- 1 banana

After measuring all of the ingredients, mash half of the banana with a fork and slice the other half into small pieces. Add mashed banana to your oats, pour on 150 ml of milk and mix it all together. At this point you can also add some cinnamon (a lot actually, if you like it as much as I do ^.^) and put it in a microwave for 2 minutes. Now, all that's left to do, is mix in the other half of the banana and you're done! :)

This is how my delicous breakfast looked today :). You can also change the recipe if you'd like by adding water instead of milk or using only half of the banana. In that case, I sudgest to use the other half of it as a face mask. Simply mix it with a teaspoon of honey and leave it on your skin for approximately 15 minutes and you get some creamy goodness for your tummy as well as your face :).

What do you like to have for breakfast? Share some yummy ideas with me in the comments below.

Love, T. 

sreda, 11. junij 2014

Essie - Mint Candy Apple

Hi lovelies!

I wanted to share today's manicure with you :). I wore Essie - Mint Candy Apple, which I know was really popular two years ago, but I love me some mint nails in the summer :).

I think you already know how much I like the consistency of Essie nail polishes, so I'm not going to talk about that again :)...but I am going to tell you, that this color screams summer to me and I specially like it when I'm tanned.

Essie lake lahko kupite v Dm prodajalnah za 9,95 €.
You can order it on Feelunique for 9,95 £.
What do you think about this color? I would also like to know which nail polishes you like to wear in the summer :).

Love, T. 

nedelja, 08. junij 2014

Everyday makeup look :)

Hi you lovely people!

Let's talk about makeup and the products that I use for my everyday makeup look :). On days that I don't have a lot of time to do my makeup or I'm not doing anything special I like to wear a subtle neutral makeup look that still looks put together and nice.

I start of by using a base from Everyday Minerals, which makes my skin look 10 times better and it also gives me a healthy glow (review here). I think nice eyebrows are a must when you're not wearing a lot of makeup and to fill in mine, I use Catrice Eye Brow Pencil in the color 030. I then move on to the eyes and my trusty Naked 2 palette, from which I use Foxy all over the eyelid, a little bit of Tease in the crease and Bootycall in the inner corner of my eye. After that, it's time for winged eyeliner and mascara and for that I'm using Essence Super Fine Eyeliner Pen and Essence I Love Extreme Mascara (both of these were in my April Favourites 2014). We can't forget about cheeks and I love using Everyday Minerals Blush in Snuggle. This blush is pigmented like crazy, but if you only use a tiny bit, it can look extremely natural. The only thing left to do is to put on some lipgloss and on days like this, I like to wear Tanya Burr Lip Gloss in Aurora (review here), as I think it's the perfect color for an everyday makeup look. 
As you can see on the next picture, you can barely tell I'm wearing anything other than a foundation, mascara and lip gloss, but that's the look I'm going for. 

Let me know what you think of this makeup look, the products mentioned in this post or both, or whatever your heart desires :).

Have a great Sunday!

Love, T. 

sreda, 04. junij 2014

June wish list

Hi lovelies!

This is going to be the shortest blog post ever and I'm so sorry for that, but I have to study for my exams and I can barely find some time for anything else, but I also really wanted to post something, so I decided to share my June wish list with you.

Source: Benefit The POREfessional, Yankee Candle - Black Coconut,
Essie - Bikini So Teeny, Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua

The first one on my list is Benefit The POREfessional, which I believe I really need fot the summer and to go along with it, I would love to have Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua. I've read so many nice things about both of these, so that makes me want to buy them even more :).
You already know about my obsession with Essie nail polish and I think Bikini So Teeny is a must for this summer.
And the last one is a Yankee Candle in Black Coconut, which is not a scent that I would normaly go for, but there's just something about this candle that makes me want to buy it everytime I pass the store.

I've been eyeing all of these products for so long and I'm sure I'm going to give in and buy some of them sooner than later :).

Do you have any of these products? Also, let me know what's on your wish list. :)

Love, T. 

nedelja, 01. junij 2014

May Favourites 2014 ♡

Hi you lovely people!

It's time for monthly favourites again :). I only have 3 this month, but hey, they are great!

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Purifying Foaming Gel 

I finally decided to buy some La Roche-Posay products and I'm so happy I did. This gel gets rid of all of my makeup, but doesn't over dry my skin. It just leaves it clean and fresh.
You can get it from Feelunique for 14,95 €, and for my Slovenian readers...La Roche-Posay izdelki so vam na voljo v lekarnah, cena čistilnega gela pa je 11,02 €.
All in all, big thumbs up from me, Mr. Foaming Gel! :)

Makeup Revolution London Cream Blush & BH Cosmetics brush

You can get BH Cosmetics brus here for 6,95 $.
Oh, this's just so awsome! You can read my review of it here, but I feel like I have to mention the brush I apply it with, because I think it makes my blush look even better. I am talking about BH Cosmetics Duo Fiber Stippling Brush and I'm telling you, this two products are a match made in heaven! Love, love, love them :).

What are your favourite products for the month of May? :)

Have a nice Sunday!

Love, T. ♡

sreda, 28. maj 2014

Review: Tanya Burr Lip Gloss ♡

Hi lovelies! :)

It's not a secret that I love Tanya Burr and her amazing YouTube channel and if you haven't watched any for her videos yet, than I don't know what you're doing with your life :). She is my biggest inspiration and if I wasn't to scared I would be making Youtube videos like her as well (maybe on day, who knows ^.^).

She recently launched her makeup line (lip glosses and nail polish) and ofcourse I had to buy some of the products. Unfortunately Feelunique doesn't ship nail polish to Slovenia, so for now, there are only Tanya Burr lip glosses in my collection.

From the bottom: Picnic In The Park, Aurora, Vampire Kiss

These glosses are great! Creamy, not to sticky, well pigmented and they stay on for a very long time.

Picnic In The Park

Picnic In The Park is a nice everyday pink color, that's not to bright and I think it's just the right pink shade for someone who is usually wearing more neutral colors (that would be me :)).


I can't function without a "your lips, but better" kind of color and Aurora is just that. It has some tiny shimmer, so if you're not a fan of shimmery lip glosses, than this one might not be for you, but I promise, you can't fell it on your lips, which is great! :)

Vampire Kiss

And for the days when I want to rock a bold lip color - Vampire Kiss. This one is a deep red (hence the name), but the thing I like the most is that it's buildable. So you can go for a subtle red (put a little bit of the gloss on, than blot with a tissue for a stained look) or go all out with an intense color.

From top: Picnic In The Park, Aurora, Vampire Kiss

Unfortunately my swatches aren't the best, but I promise you, these colors and lip glosses in general are amazing! And like a cherry on the top of a cake, they are affordable - 6,99 £ on Feelunique

Let me know what do you think of these colors in the comments and make sure you follow me on Bloglovin or any other social media. :) 

Love, T. ♡

nedelja, 25. maj 2014

Disappointing Products No. 1

Hi you lovely people! :)

I realised that all my posts until now were about things that I like and it seems like I love everything that I buy and that is not the case, so in today's post I'm going to tell you about some products that I've recently tried and didn't really like.

First Aid Beauty Detox Eye Roller

As long as I can remember I've had horrible dark circles, so when I discovered First Aid Beauty Detox Eye Roller, I was in heaven. But boy was I wrong. This product contains caffeine and claims to improve your under eye area (less baggy looking skin) and also making your dark circles less visible. I didn't notice any improvement, in fact, this irritated my eyes a lot, so I stopped using it. For the price of 24 $ for 8,5 ml I have to say I am very disappointed with it.

L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes Excess Mascara

When it comes to mascaras, I don't really care for lengthening ones that much, but I do love me some volumized eyelashes :). Afcourse, I was very excited when I saw this mascara in drugstores and my friend recommended it to me, so I went and grabbed one as well. This mascara is good at separating eyelashes, but I don't find it volumizing at all. It has a plastic wand and I think this is the reason why I don't like it. Plastic wands never work well for me, as I don't have a lot of eyelashes and they are short as well, so I end up looking like I literally have 10 eyelashes. I do think this one is an ok doubling mascara if you use it after a volumizing one, just to separate your lashes a bit.

L'Oreal Miss Manga Mascara

Unfortunatelly, L'Oreal is just not doing well in my books, which is a bummer, because I love the packaging of this mascara, but that's about it. I find this one too watery, my eyelashes stick together and when I try to separate them I only make a bigger mess. Everytime I give this one another try, I always end up disappointed, so I guess it's time for me to stop using it.

All in all, I regret buying all of these products, but they might work amazingly for you, so let me know if you tried any of those and what do you think of them.

Oh, and one last thing...I will try my best and write to times per week (Wednesdays and Sundays), but make sure you follow me on Bloglovin, so you never miss my new posts.

Love, T. 

sreda, 21. maj 2014

DIY: Lip Scrub ♡

Hi you lovely people! :)

Recently I noticed my lips were in bad shape, kind of dry and flaky. So I immediately went to the kitchen and made a lip scrub. And here is how I did it. :)

You will need a teaspoon of brown sugar, half a teaspoon of honey and a third of a teaspoon of coconut oil, which you can replace with any other moisturizing oil. All you have to do now, is mix everything in a small cup.

You get a thick, brown, sticky thing you put on your lips and scrub away :).

I usually put what's left in the refrigerator and use over the next few days.

This scrub is so quick and easy to make, so if you have dry lips and your lip balm is not helping anymore, try making a scrub and nurish your lips a little bit :).

That's all from me today - just a quick post, which you'll hopefully find interesting and helpful. Let me know if you try it out or have any other tips for dry lips.

Have a nice day.

Love, T. 

nedelja, 18. maj 2014

Spring Lip Picks ♡

Hi you lovely people!

We are going to talk about lipsticks today :). To be more precise, I'm going to show you my favourite lip products that I love using in spring.

For the last two months or so, these three lip products are pretty much the only ones that I've been wearing.

Left - right: Chanel (Boy); Maybelline (Cherry Me); Rimmel (Aurora)

Let's start with the most precious one in my collection - this gorgeous Chanel Rouge Coco Shine lipstick in color 54 Boy. I can't say enough nice things about it. It is the creamiest lipstick that I've ever tried and the color that I have is so nice for everyday use, since it is a your lips but better kind of color. If you are thinking about buying a high end lipstick, give this one a try. I guarantee you won't be disappointed :). You can get it in Müller for around 30 €, or order it online here.

Next one is Maybelline Baby Lips in Cherry Me. This one is a tinted lip balm that moisturizes you lips and gives some color at the same time. I find myself reaching for it a lot as it's so quick and easy to use. It will cost you less then 3 € in any drugstore or you can buy it here

The last one that I'm going to talk about today is Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer in Aurora. Whenever I feel like wearing a bold lip color I use this lip gloss that goes on like a lipstick, but also has some shine. It stayes on for ages which is always a plus for me. You can get it for 7,79 € from Feelunique here

from the top: Chanel (Boy), Maybelline (Cherry Me), Rimmel (Aurora)
What do you think about this products and what's your favourite lipstick? I would love to know, so tell me in comments below and we can have a little chat :).

Have a nice Sunday!

Love, T. 

četrtek, 15. maj 2014

Review: Makeup Revolution London ♡

Hi you lovely people! :)

A few weeks ago, I came across a new brand for me - Makeup Revolution London and decided to try it out.

I got my package yesterday and I had the chance to already use all of the products so I'm going to write a first imppresions / review tipe of a post.

Iconic 3 Palette

This palette is suppose to be a dupe for Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette and after seeing swatches of it, I totally agree. I love the colors in it, which are nice and easily blendable. The pigmentation is not the best, but for 5,95 € I'm not complaining at all :). 

Focus & Fix Eye Primer (Original)
I decided that I need an Eye Primer as well and I can assure you this was a great idea. I got the Original version of it and I've really been loving it so far. It helps my eyeshadows to stay in place for whole day and it also makes them appear a lot more vibrant. For 3,95 €, you can't really go wrong with it. :)

Left: Cream Blush (Peach Cream); Right: Vivid Baked Bronzer (Ready To Go)

The last two products that I bought are a cream blush and a bronzer. I never used a cream blush before and I have to say that I love this one! Creamy, smooth, looks amazing on the skin and it's so cheap - 1,95 €. I'm defenatelly buying more colors soon. ♡
And the last but not the least...Bronzer in Ready To Go. I like its consistency, easy application and how glowy it looks on my skin. It is just the right color for me right now, but I think I will have to buy a darker one for summer. You can guess it now, this one is a bargain as well - 5,95 € :).

I'm leaving you with a photo of my everyday makeup look using all of the products mantioned in this post. I am defenately buying a lot more from this brand as they make good products for even better prices :). 
Slovenian readers can get Makeup Revolution from or directly from their site here (international shipping).

Have a lovely day my loves!

Love, T. 

nedelja, 11. maj 2014

Put to the test: Essie First Base

Hi you lovely people! :)

Even though I'm pretty much obsessed with nail polish, I was always to lazy to use a base coat. Because of that my nail polish would usually chip on first day, but since I like changing colors on my nails a lot, I didn't really mind. That was until I saw a lot of beauty YouTubers talk about base coats and all of a sudden I needed one in my life (I'm weird, I know =D). I think I tried 4 different ones and didn't particularly like any of them, until I tried one by Essie. After a long intro, here is a picture of it :).

It is advertised as a rubber adhesive bond polish to the nail surface, which protects color wear and creates a smooth canvas for color application and I agree with all of that.

Essie - Style Hunter
This is how my nails looked on day 3. Yep, no chips yet! :)

And this are my nails on fifth day. You can see (hopefully the picture is not too bad) some chips on my middle and ring finger, but that was about it :). Oh, I also have to tell you that I was washing dishes every day, so this base coat is damn good!

All in all, I have to say I'm really impressed with it. I'm never skipping base coat ever again and hopefully this one is going to perform that well all the time.

Slovenian readers can get it in Dm for 10,99 €, but it is also avalible on Feelunique for 8,95 £.

Have you tried this one yet? Let me know which base coat you like in the comments below :). You can also follow me on Bloglovin

Have a nice day!

Love, T. 

sreda, 07. maj 2014

100 Followers on Bloglovin + Giveaway ♡ *closed*

Hi you lovely people!

Something amazing happened on Monday...I've hit 100 followers on Bloglovin :).

I'm so happy and thankful foe each and everyone of you that's following my blog and I wanted to thank you with my first giveaway. ♡
One lovely persone is going to win an Essie nail polish in Fiji (I know it's no surprise, but I just had to include my favourite nail polish ^.^) and Maybelline's Baby Lips in Cherry Me.

All you have to do is follow me on Bloglovin here, fill in the Rafflecopter below and tell me in the comments what's your favourite nail polish. :)

a Rafflecopter giveaway
The giveaway is open Internationally and it ends on 14th of May.

Again, thank you for reading my blog, it means the world to me. ♡

Love, T. 

nedelja, 04. maj 2014

April Favourites 2014 ♡

Hi you lovely people! :)

Long time no read, I know...but I am back now with a post about things I've been loving in April.

I only recently started using eye creams, so I haven't tried a lot of them yet, but right now I really like Alverde's Augencreme Augentrost. It's a very nourishing thick white cream with euphrasia that moisturizes my eye area right away. I find it very soothing and it helps me a lot with itchiness around the eyes. But be careful to really let in sink in your skin before using any makeup (especially mascara), as it will smudge under your eyes. You can get it in Dm for 4,19 €.

Staying with the eye theme, it's Essence's Super Fine Eyeliner Pen. It has been a saviour for me, as I always struggle with winged eyeliner. The pen has an extremely pointy end that helps you get right in to the inner corner of your eye and you can make a super fine line with it. You also can't get anny better for the price of 2,69 € (also in Dm).

I guess Essence has been making really good makeup lately, because next favourite of mine is also theirs. Yes, I'm talking about I Love Extreme Mascara :). I think the name says it all! It's a lovely volumising mascara that makes my lashes look amazing and even though I was sceptical at first, I love it. I also like the price of it - 3,19 € (in Dm, ofcourse ^.^).

This month I've also been loving wearing bold colors on my lips and most of the time it was Rimmel's Apocalips Lip Lacquer in Aurora. Aurora is an intense deep pinky red color that goes on like a lipstick, but also has some shine and stayes on for ages. Love it! ♡
You can get it on Feelunique for 7,79 €.

And the last one is probably no surprise to anyone...Essie's - Fiji. You can read my review of it here, but I just have to put another picture of this gorgeous nail polish for your eyes to see :).

Just decided to include a random favourite as well and it's a song Somebody to you from a band called The Vamps. I really like their music and I've been listening to it all the time.

That's it for today :). If you want me to do a more detailed review of any of the products mentioned in this blog post just let me know in the comments and make sure you follow me on Bloglovin.

Love, T.